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P Trap Hydro Jetter

This unit was developed for the plumber who mostly works in 4”pipes or less. Its ability to clean small lines and go through P-Traps is second to none!! This is a professional grade machine, developed with a national drain cleaning company, to operate all day, seven days a week.

P Trap Hydro Jetter

Standard Equipment

  • 13 hp Honda
  • Direct Drive Plunger Pump
  • Stainless Steel Hose Reel
  • 200ft ¼”” Light Weight Jet Hose
  • On/Off Ball Valve
  • 5 gal. Supply Tank
  • P-Trap mini hose reel kit w/nozzle
  • 4 ea Jet Nozzles
  • Low Water Shut off ( Pump Saver)

Optional Equipment

  • Electric Start
  • Service Meter ( Hour/Tachometer)

Standard Safety Features

  • Low oil shut off for the motor
  • Thermo relief valve for the pump to eliminate overheating
  • High pressure ball valve between feeder reel and portable reel.
  • High pressure relief valve for pump
  • Hose reels have tension adjustment and are lockable.

The P-Trap unit is equipped with 200ft ¼” jet hose that is good for jetting all of larger lines or can be used as a feeder hose for the mini P-Trap reel. The P-Trap mini hose reel comes with 125ft 1/8” jet hose for all the small lines you run up against. This system gives you’re the best of both worlds you can now do the smallest of lines and up to 4” lines, which makes this unit the perfect size system for all residential jetting.

With its no-worry by-pass system and easy access hose reels makes it a user friendly, tough, long-life hydro-jetter. One leaves this machine outside and can clean all the inside lines in a house for the control of the machine is with operator. The all aluminum heavy duty frame and stainless steel hose reel system will give many years of performance and great looks.

The P-Trap Hydro-Jetter, is the most powerful Mid-Size residential Hydro-Jetter on the market today. Powered by Honda motor and a triplex plunger pump, the machine yields 4GPM @ 4000 PSI which is more than enough pressure to clear the most stubborn clogs.

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