Drain Clean Helper

Drain Clean Helper

Helping Plumbing Professionals Lower Their Cost Of Doing Business and Increase Their Sales!

Drain Clean Helper specializes in the manufacture, sales and service of professional quality drain / sewer hydro jetting equipment designed for the plumbing professional or maintenance departments who need durable equipment that can handle the rigors of regular repeated even daily use without breakdown. Whether your particular circumstance is dealing with the buildup of fats, grease and oils or the deposition of debris, sediment, sludge or roots, We have a system built for you that can save your business costly downtime and repeated need to pay the high costs of truck and crew fees to professional plumbing firms.

Our equipment uses high presure water and specialized nozzles to drill through clogs and obstructions, restoring flow, while flushing out debris, grease, sediment and obstructions. Thus, restoring drainage and maintaining a clean system to prevent sewage backups, expensive service calls and ultimately reducing downtime and loss of production.

Consequently, whether you are a plumbing professional, property maintenance department or a production facility we have a system designed just for your needs that can stand up to daily, all day use, transport and deployment.

To learn more about how Drain Clean Helper can help your company save thousands of dollars contact our product representatives today.

Drain Clean Helper
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